During the upcoming days our blog will feature some news and events from our friends at Nyanko Scandal Factory. If you haven’t come across Nyanko SF before, they’re a “avocation agency driven by people that wants to spread Japanese popular music in Sweden and Europe”. Take a look at our first featured artist:

V.I.P is the solo project of Hiroaki Nakashima, also known as the vocalist in the Japanese rock band I-ai- (I -アイ-).

In connection with his live debut in Sweden this fall, his very first music video WE ARE ONE was recorded in Stockholm city and produced by the artist Endigo.

The full music video will be released on October 30, but a teaser is already available in the embedded video.

V.I.P "WE ARE ONE" (PV Spot)

More info:
Official Website
Nyanko Scandal Factory

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