Commercials from Asia are probably the only commercials worth watching as they usually throws in a funny comical twist at the end. The commercials aired in Japanese television between week 29 and 30 consisted of more music related stuff than you would’ve imagine. Some of the featured artists were:

ONE OK ROCK (in Rurouni Kenshin), Glay (in Eye City), Golden Bomber (in Joysound F1), TMRevolution (in Shoshu-Riki).

The most embarrassing out of the above probably was TMRevolutions air freshener commercial for Shoshu-Riki. Though, it should be noted that the original Shoshu-Riki commercial actually became a huge hit (and a meme) at that time. The original commercial featured a kid named Miguel who got so popular that he even got to sing at a live concert with TMRevolution himself. In the commercial compilation above, you’ll find Shoshu-Riki’s new commercial, featuring Miguel all grown up (at 4:39).

TMRevoultion and Miguel live:

Even Yuyoyuppe (who composed songs for BABYMETAL) did a metal remix of the commercial which you can listen to in the video below:

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