Commercials from Asia are probably the only commercials worth watching as they usually throw in a funny comical twist at the end. The commercials aired in Japanese television between week 29 and 30 consisted of more music-related stuff than you would’ve imagined. Some of the featured artists were:

ONE OK ROCK (in Rurouni Kenshin), Glay (in Eye City), Golden Bomber (in Joysound F1), TMRevolution (in Shoshu-Riki).

The most embarrassing out of the above probably was TMRevolutions air freshener commercial for Shoshu-Riki. Though, it should be noted that the original Shoshu-Riki commercial actually became a huge hit (and a meme) at that time. The original commercial featured a kid named Miguel who got so popular that he even got to sing at a live concert with TMRevolution himself. In the commercial compilation above, you’ll find Shoshu-Riki’s new commercial, featuring Miguel all grown up (at 4:39).

TMRevoultion and Miguel live:

Even Yuyoyuppe (who composed songs for BABYMETAL) did a metal remix of the commercial which you can listen to in the video below:


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