The words below are Hizaki‘s comment on the JUPITER TOUR -2014- “ARCADIA”.

Jupiter, April 2013, formed of 5 persons, HIZAKI (G), TERU (G), MASASHI(B), YUKI(Dr) with ZIN. The same year in July, our first single “Blessing of the Future” was released with UNIVERSAL MUSIC. So on, events, one man, and a tour overseas were lead energetically. Jupiter Tour -2014- “ARCADIA” will be done before the release of our 2nd album. I receive the enthusiasm of the tour from the members, so I am writing here.
After a year, our national one man tour is approaching. We’ve had many events with stylish wave last spring but I think one man motivates us even more. There are good things in events but as expected, perform ourselves on stage for 2 hours is better for us. For the fans following us around since a long time, but also people who got interested in us when they were attending events, by all means I want you to come and meet us at live houses so you can completely feel the world of Jupiter.
“ARCADIA” is the name of a place in Greece and comes from the word Arkas, from grec mythology, which deals with Utopia, Heaven on Earth. I think everyone once tried to reach the ideal world but without enthusiasm, nothing comes true. No matter if your aims are big or small, if you are enthusiast enough to make them big, they will become big. People who think positively are amazing. I’m so envious of them. But the most amazing of them are the ones who can understand the pain of others and show them the way. As if they surrounded weakness and sadness, and turned darkness into light.
Trust yourself, measurably, or your heart will consume it with shadows. If you stand in the light, the link is stronger. “Darkness” of weakness, sadness, solitude, “light” of love, ideal and hope. People who obtained light from darkness can, in their last moments, reach Heaven on Earth, “ARCADIA”.
Enthusiasm. It’s weird that I’m saying this myself, but I feel that our band can reach the unknown. I know it’s still early but.. During this tour, the goal is the blooming of every member’s talent. Also, I want to create preciously the groove of our sound, the global feeling of our fans.
Obedient to life, mad until death comes, I wish it to everyone who’s attention we drawed. Even if it’s for moments, let’s meet during this one man tour.

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