4-piece grunge outfit THE TEENAGE KISSERS, fronted by popular singer-songwriter Nana Kitade, released their first full studio album ‘VIRGIN FIELD’ on July 9th which is now available for download internationally via iTunes, Amazon MP3, and KKBOX (Asia only), and if the £7.99 price tag is too much for you (cheapskate) you can stream it as well as their debut mini album ‘PERFECTLY DIRTY’ on Spotify.

This latest venture by the once lolita idol sees Nana going in a new direction, sporting the Courtney Love look and bringing a sound similar to that of prominent staples from the early days of grunge such as Hole and L7 to the table.
As of July 12th the band will be embarking on their 17-date nationwide tour “RIPE TOMATO TOUR 2014” starting in Shibuya at TOKYO BOOTLEG CIRCUIT’14.

Pick up VIRGIN FIELD now from Amazon.co.uk or iTunes!

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