It was announced at DIAURA one-man live tour “Into
the【deep】Core~Awakening Menace~” tour final at Takadanobaba AREA on July 6th that their new one-coin single titled “blind message” will be
released on September 3rd (1 song, 540yen), and their new full album
titled “Triangle” will be released on November 26th, although details have not yet
been announced.
Moreover they will hold yo-ka birthday presents live “Evil’s Night Party”
at Shimokitazawa GARDEN on October 31st, countdown live “Dictorial
Countdown 2014-2015” at Tokyo Kinema Club on December 31st, and their
presents live tour “Vanishing the Triangle Vision” since Akasaka BLITZ on November 30th and up to tour final at Nakano SUNPLAZA on January 31st 2015.
By the way, yo-ka will perform at Saitama HALL on August 13th.
yo-ka line-up on August 13th:
Vo.yo-ka (DIAURA)
Gt.佳衣(kei) (DIAURA)
Ba.氷牙(hyoga) (ex-Megaromania)
Dr.勇(yuu) (ex-DIAURA)
 SET-LIST on July 6th:
1- メナス (Menace)
2- 胎動 (Taidou)
3- 赤い虚像 (Akai kyozou)
4- Beautiful Creature
6- Silent Majority
7- anti people
8- 境界線 (Kyoukaisen)
9- 残月の灯 (Zangetsu no akari)
10- ホライゾン (Horizon)
11- Ms.Psycho
12- an Insanity
13- deadly number
14- イノセント (Innocent)
drums solo
1- カオスプレイ (Chaos play)
2- Vanity Lips
3- blind message
1- 歪む球体 (Yugamu kyuutai)
Credits: Trombe via MH

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