WagakkiBand appears on Mezamashi TV to promote their latest album “VOCALO ZANMAI“.
In the beginning Gero (the host) asks “who has not appeared on TV before?” and the three of them raises their hands, then Wasabi (drums) also added in “Hey mom, are you watching?“. Gero replies with “I had the same reaction when I first appeared on TV as well“. 
They move on with talking about how the band started out, explaining how they met through “nico nico douga” (Japanese Youtube) and answering some other miscellaneous questions. At the end of the video Gero also comically asks Daisuke (flute/shakuhachi) about the markings on his face, if was real.
Additionally, Gero also started out his singing carrier through nico nico douga and has proven to be a pretty funny guy throughout his music videos.

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