Today, I’m gonna introduce you to a few new bands starting with this one! Their name is “the LOTUS” and these guys seems new to the VK-scene…except one! The guy on the far right doesn’t remind you of anyone?? He is 龍兎(Ryuto) from 少女-ロリヰタ-23区(Lolita23Q)! 
Anyway, they will hold their first live -ALDEBARAN/the LOTUS 2-man live-  “scratch moments” at TSUTAYA O-West on June 23rd and they also announced their first release! It will be a mini-album titled “causality” and will be released on June 4th (2,700yen).
1- D’zer
3- モダンホラー (Modern Horror)
4- 天使の涙 (Tenshi no namida)~selfless love~
5- -百拭観音- (Hyakushokukan’on)
You can hear samples of some of these songs on their OHP: click here!
Here are individual photos and infos on the members:

Vo: レイ (Ray) (f.k.a 凪斗(Nagito))
Blood Type: A
Birthday: March 21st
Gt: Rian
Blood Type: ???
Birthday: November 2nd
Gt: Ryuto
Blood Type: B
Birthday: April 29th
Ba: 翼 (Tsubasa)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: January 26th
Dr: 伊織 (Iori)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February 1st
Credits: Trombe via MH, OHP

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