This is FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS, or FEMM for short, a feisty mannequin pop duo crafted around one idea, world domination. How? By combining some of the best aspects of Japan’s underground, high-fashion, and otaku cultures, tracks produced by a handful of the most prominent producers behind A-list popstars such as Beyonce, Deadmau5 and Lady Gaga, along with moves choreographed by Hidali, the geniuses behind Genki Sudo’s suited and booted robotic smash hit WORLD ORDER.
This neophile’s dream duo made their first appearance in October of last year with a teaser trailer similar to that of a budget Hollywood sci-fi (along with trademark gruff voiceover) directed by creative unit IKIOI, whose previous works include music videos for hardcore troop FACT and POP DISASTER. Though it wasn’t until February with the release of the intensely pink video for 70’s revival track ‘UFO’, a cover of the 1977 hit by pop duo Pink Lady, featuring Fz (half of electronic rockers sfpr), that FEMM was truly announced to the world.
FEMM are SW-000000 (a.k.a RiRi) and MS-000000 (a.k.a LuLa), mannequin divas that have been causing quite a stir around Tokyo, appearing in art performances with graffiti artist COOKONE, and even performing at French Champagne brand Veuve Cliquot’s yearly event on top of Shinjuku’s Isetan Department Store. The concept of a plastic pop duo taking to the scene may seem odd at first, but it’s almost genius, opening the door to endless possibilities not confined by one set sound or image, allowing them to work with an array of artists across all genres, and change their style within the blink of an eye.
On April 2nd FEMM’s debut EP ‘Astroboy’ dropped on the Japanese iTunes store, featuring their first A-list collaboration with Brian Lee, known for his work with the likes of Icona Pop and Owl City. Expect to see a lot more from this up-and-coming mannequin dance duo over the next few months as they attempt to turn the world of pop on its head!
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