Hey again everyone, since some of you were interested by my report of Sadie’s tour final in January, I’m here to bring you another bit of journalism. At the weekend I went to NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s one man show EVAGRIUS and it went something like this.
2014.03.23 TSUTAYA O-WEST
Shortly after 6pm the lights dimmed in the recently re-dubbed TSUTAYA O-WEST, and with the sound of sirens smoke issued forth in front of the stage, accompanied by dramatic green and red lighting. With the opening SE, the crowd started to scream and applaud each member in turn as they emerged from the haze and took a moment to command the crowd from atop the podium. Finally vocalist Hiro appeared and NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST launched into the first song, VENOM with its memorable opening cry of ‘YOU GET THE FUCK OUT!!’
With the crowd pumped, the next song Pandemic had everyone in synchronized head banging as the energetic Hiro guided the fans. Following this was Domestic Crisis with the ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ responding to his calls. The next few songs, including the energetic UNBREAKABLE, ran straight into one another with barely a breath to take until the end of fan favourite from their first mini-album, A Bullet of Skyline. At this point the lights dimmed and a soft piano SE played over the speakers.
The concert entered a quieter phase as Hiro was given a chance to showcase his clean vocals with the ballad Aster. With the crowd left in an appreciative silence, the band followed up with FATE, another slower but more powerful song. At the end the lights faded once again as the crowd applauded. Next only one spotlight focused on guitarist Cazqui as he began an elaborate solo. As his playing got more frenzied he rallied the crowd, who eagerly cheered each new performance. Finally with the stylized opening licks of Empty glass the rest of the band took their places and entered the next song.
With an excited energy once again running through the venue, Hiro announced the next song, V.I.P. The fans gladly took their expected part, chanting during the chorus and dancing together under Hiro’s gleeful grin. Once the catchy song was over, the band moved aside for another solo. This time drummer Natsu took control of the crowd in a lengthy performance. At one point he made a show of looking at his wrist as if there was a watch there, because it seemed the preparations for the next part of the show were taking slightly longer than planned.
It became clear why as the next song Disaster began, and a newly topless Hiro was now drenched in filth and gore that the makeup team had been busy applying during Natsu’s drum solo. By the end of the song his toned body was glistening with sweat among the red and black stains. He kept up a haunted persona for Trigger, a heavy but energetic song which had each band member in turn take a moment on the podium as they looped the bridge section. As the venue was plunged into darkness once again, the crowd was left with the dramatic image of the bloodstained Hiro spinning from his podium and falling heavily onto the stage.
He rose during the opening SE of Sphere, the lead track of album GRIMOIRE. This song had an epic feel to it as the instrumental grew to an almost ritualistic chant near the end with Hiro conducting the crowd in synchronized worship. The main set came to a close with Reverence and then the band’s second single Last relapse, after which NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST left the stage to screams and applause.
Almost instantly fans began to call for an encore, though of course there was plenty of time for the thirsty to make their way over to the bar and redeem their drink tokens. After around five or ten minutes a projector lit up the gloom and revealed the exciting news that NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST would hold a three stop one man tour during the spring at Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. Then the band returned and for the encore played songs from their new single, Strike in fact and The Beautiful Craze. The first was a heavy track with a catchy chorus and the second called for crowd participation in chanting. To end the set Hiro announced A Day to Re:member, and the crowd gave it their all for the last song. The band left again, with a few picks and drum sticks thrown out to the crowd, but still O-WEST remained dark.
Again, the crowd called for an encore, and after a short break the band returned for one last song, a repeat of V.I.P. As the final track began, guitarist Cazqui launched confetti into the air. With this energetic performance bringing the night to a close, each member took their time conveying their thanks to the crowd with various gifts thrown out, including Hiro’s parka and a towel from Daichi. This time the concert was definitely finished as the final SE played over the speakers and the fans of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST spilled out into the cool Sunday evening of Shibuya.
And for anyone interested, here’s the set list.
Domestic Crisis 
Puppet Creature 
A Bullet of Skyline 
Guitar solo (Cazqui) 
Empty glass 
Drum solo (Natsu) 
Last relapse 
-Encore 1- 
Strike in fact 
The Beautiful Craze 
A Day to Re:member 
-Encore 2-
If I go to any more one man shows, I’ll be sure to keep those of you interested in the know with more reports. If you read this wall of text, thankyou!

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