It was announced at NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST one-man live tour “GEARS OF
OMEGA” tour final at Daikanyama UNIT on December 7th that their 3 new
singles (titles not yet finalized) will be released in March, April and May
respectively, although details have not yet been announced.
Furthermore, their live DVD (title not yet finalized) will be released in spring 2014, which will include scenes of that one-man live on December 7th,
although details have not yet been announced.
By the way they will hold their one-man live “EVAGRIUS” at TSUTAYA O-West on March 23rd.
Titles of their new singles have been finalized as “Strike in the fact“, “DESPERATE” and “Libra” and will be released on March 26th, April 30th and May 28th respectively (1,620yen). 
Title of their upcoming live DVD is finalized as “GEARS OF OMEGA” and will be released on March 19th.
1- Rebellion
2- Disaster
4- Obligation
5- Venom
6- Domestic Crisis
7- Puppet Creature
8- Sphere
9- drums solo
10- FATE
11- Vanilla
12- Rise above
13- Reverence
14- Trigger
15- Empty Glass
16- V.I.P
17- A bullet of skyline
1- Pleasure Of Torture
2- A Day To Re:Member
Also, the tracklist of their new single “Strike in fact” has been revealed!
1- naked
2- Strike in fact
3- Beautiful Craze
Credits: Trombe via MH

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