It was announced at The 3rd Birthday live tour “Hades in me” tour
final one-man live “Hades in me FINAL” at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT on
November 23rd that they have joined Double River Record at the same
and their new CD (type & title not yet finalized) will be released
in 2014 summer, although details have not yet been announced.

By the way Dr.メル(Meru)(ex-ISK;M) is now acting as their support drummer.


 They updated their OHP with a new look and informations on their upcoming CD!
It will be a maxi-single titled “糜爛の月(Biran no tsuki)” and will be released on June 4th (3 Types).
Type A (2,160yen) will include CD (2 songs)+DVD (including “糜爛の月(Biran
no tsuki)” PV), and Type B & C (1,620yen each) will include CD (3
songs) only.

Credits: Trombe via MH

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