Calmando Qual announced that they will release their new mini-album titled “絶望の五線譜 (Zetsubou no gosenfu)” on April 23rd, and will be sold in advance at their lives since March 7th (CD+DVD, 2,500yen, limited 1000 copies).
1- -PsychO-
2- 絶唱 (Zesshou) (New recording)
3- 塗り潰されたエレジー (Nuritsubusareta Elegy)
4- ガレキの夢 (Gareki no yume)
5- DEATH SONG (New recording)
6- クライ (Cry)
7- -PrayeR-
塗り潰されたエレジー (Nuritsubusareta Elegy) (PV)
Credits: Ryu

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