amber gris announced that their new maxi single (title not yet finalized) will be released on May 28th (3 songs).
By the way they will hold their presents live tour “四次元の定理 (Yojigen no teiri)” with WING WORKS & グリーヴァ(Grieva) as follows:
June 3rd at Hakata DRUM SON – “沈澱の定義(Chinden no teigi)”
June 5th at Okayama IMAGE – “浸食の定義(Shinshoku no teigi)”
June 7th at OSAKA MUSE – “慟哭の定義(Doukoku no teigi)”
June 8th at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL – “密接の定義(Missetsu no teigi)”
June 11th at TSUTAYA O-West – “背徳の定義(Haitoku no teigi)”
Credits: Trombe via MH

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