As if there isn’t enough bad news from Visual Kei bands these days we have another sad announcement for you today. Mix Speaker’s, Inc.’s vocalist YUKI decided to depart from the band.

Mix Speaker’s, Inc. is band famous for the fantasy-based costumes of the members but also for their two vocals. Now one of these vocals will leave the band after 7 years of being part of it. As reason he mentions that his and the other members’ opinions on their future direction differ. 
His last live as member of MSI will be held at Akasaka BLITZ on April 19th 2014.

But there is also good news! The band has announced its best album “Magical Show Invitation” that will drop on February 19th. As soon as we know more about it we’ll let you know.

Let’s wish Yuki and the band all the best!

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