There are some great news from LUNA SEA!!
After 13 years and 5 months, they will finally release a new album!
The title is “A WILL” and it will be released on December 11th (3 Editions).
First Limited Edition A (SHM-CD+Blu-ray) will have a PREMIUM PACKAGE contaning: Double digitray, Exclusive lyrics and exclusive photos on a 52pages booklet (5,980yen); First Limited Editon B will include a CD+DVD (3,980yen); Standard Edition will include CD only (3,059yen).
Limited quantities:
Price: 4,980yen
※Limited quantities / Analog size SPECIAL PACKAGE
※Content is same as First limited edition B.
※Available only on Universal music store.
CD Tracklist:
1- Anthem of Light
2- Rouge
3- The End of the Dream
5- Glowing
6- 乱(RUN)
7- absorb
8- Metamorphosis
9- 銀ノ月 (Gin no tsuki)
10- Thoughts
11- Grace
DVD/Blu-Ray Contents:
The End of the Dream -Music Video-
Rouge -Music Video-
Thoughts -Music Video-
乱(RUN) -Music Video-
The End of the Dream & Rouge -TV SPOT-
Thoughts -TV SPOT-
Credits: Jigsaw9 via MH, LUNA SEA’s Facebook

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