Great news from ポルターガイスト(Poltergeist)!
They updated their OHP with a new look, also showing 3 new members,after the departure of Gt.瑞希 (Mizuki) and Ba.ユウ(Yuu) on July 19th. The new members are: Gt.興佑 (Kyousuke), Ba.キユキ (Kiyuki) (ex-VAJRA) and Dr.狛耶 (Hakuya) (ex-NightingeiL).
Furthermore they joined a new label called LIZARD NEO and changed their band name from “ポルターガイスト(Poltergeist)” to “polterGeist”.
Also, they will release a new single titled “XIII Stairs” on December 18th.
Credits: Shaolan974 via MH, OHP

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