Sunday at their Osaka Oneman the Band had to face a great loss! AT the sold out event LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE 「ONEMAN TOUR “GEARS OF OMEGA”」 Equip and guitar got stolen!

Though the band apologized and thanked the fans that came this day to make a great show happen, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST now have to face serious matters.

Besides the heavy and expensive equip the Guitarist Daichis Instrument had gotten stolen, as well. 
He had shared the serial-number on his twitter account. Please share and spread the information that it might be found again, at last. 

Crews Maniac Sound Ab’s7 
Color:See-Through Black 
serial number:130140

It’s such a sad thing, but we will cross our fingers for them and especially for him that he will soon see his instrument again, how he told his dearest wish on his twitter!

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