Arlequin a new band filled with aspiring members and musical sound. From left to right in the picture above we have the Ba. Shouhei, GT. Nao, Vo. Aki, Gt. Kurto and Dr. Tamo. From MJP here is the layout for the individual memebers: 
 Vo.暁(aki) (ex.Diverse glare in Riot) 
Gt.來堵(kuruto) (ex-ジゴロ(djigoro)–>Arpege) 
Gt.奈緒(nao) (ex-Shelley–>Cu[be]) 
Dr.堕門(tamo) (ex-Velllapis–>ArecsiA(support)–>Levia–>JILLS BLUE ROSES(support))
 As of this current day, Arlequin plans to release their first demo single “Arlequin” on 2013.10.02. “Arlequin” will include four songs and cost at 980 (TAX IN).


 Arlequin Release Date: 2013.10.02 
 Demo Single 
 Track List: 
 01. 白死蝶 (Hakushi cho) 
02. SynonyM 
03. blind bud 
04. Fiction 
 Credit/Source to: Noit, MJP, do, MH and ohp.

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