Great news from DaizyStripper!! They announced on their OHP that they’ll start a 5-months cosecutive release campaign!
It will start on May 15th with the release of their new maxi-single “STARGAZER“!
The other release dates will be: June 12th, July 17th, August 14th. September 25th.No further details have been given yet.
By the way they will hold a one-man named “COLORS” each month to promote these releases:
-May 12th, Okayama IMAGE
-June 16th, Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
-July 21st, Osaka MUSE
-August 18th, Nagoya E.L.L
-September 28th, Sendai Darwin
Regular Edition Type A (1,785yen) of their new maxi-single “STARGAZER” will include CD+DVD (including “STARGAZER” PV), and Regular Edition Type B (1,470yen) & Limited Edition (500yen) will include CD only.
2- -Z- UNIVERS (included in Type A & B) 
Credits: OHP,Jpopasia,Trombe

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