There hasn’t been much news about D’espairsRay on this site ever since their disbandment. If you did not know already, Hizumi is now active with his company “UMBRELLA” which primarily focuses on design and graphics. Recently Hizumi posted on UMBRELLA’s Mail Magazine about some cravings, in which he stated:

[…] doing a band was excellent for real so I have been thinking about doing it another time.
So far when it comes to me, “music = singing”, and when I have been thinking about it there haven’t been any alternatives, Somehow I don’t know which form to put UMBRELLA but I’ve been thinking about taking music part of it

Hizumi is also holding a meetup the 23rd of March (Saturday) and 24th (Sunday), in Japan.

The full translation of their latest Mail Magazine is available through the blog “The Ray in Our Despair”, there are also very interesting comments below which you should take a read as a D’espairsRay fan.

[The Ray in Our Despair – UMBRELLA Mail Magazine vol. 038]

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