As many of us after seeing the news about the GazettE visiting Russia; the hope of them doing more lives abroad rose exponentially! A couple of guys from the north of Europe, Scandinavia created a petition in facebook, encouraging people to take part by showing their interest in a gig outside Japan –simply by selecting “Going“.

The goal is to achieve a certain amount of attending people, enough to show organizers like “Live Nation” that there is still a market for Japanese bands (specifically GazettE), and by so making them take part! Live Nation has been responsible of bringing great bands outside Japan, bands such as  D’espairsRay, Girugämesh, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz (Gackt) and more…

If you are a bit skeptical  I can inform you that GazettE has been showing interest (for a few years already) in performing, once again, overseas. The latest comment in our news feed about ‘how they feel about doing lives abroad‘ can be found here: [Interview the GazettE on MTV]

Show your support and participate here: [A Plan to Bring GazettE…]
 (requires facebook account)

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